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Valentines Day is a day that you can show the people you love, just how much you love them. One of the most thoughtful and popular ways is often to gift jewellery.

We have put together our TOP 10 Jewels that are bound to send hearts racing this Valentines Day. Whether you are shopping for a spouse, family member or friend, Omorose Boutique have you covered...

At Number 1 - CUPID DRAW BACK YOUR BOW! We have our adorable Cupid Bow Stud Earrings. Made from PURE 925 Sterling Silver, A unique and stylish beautiful gift for a lover, daughter or friend. 

At Number 2 - We have our adorable 'Love Birds' Necklace. Which reads ' You're the sweetest thing for me and I am so happy loving you'. On the back of this necklace it also reads 'Be my love bird and lets twit together'. Made from Solid 925 sterling Silver and decorated with Enamel.  This cute piece will have your lover teary eyed and wanting to leap into your arms.

At number 3 - We have our gorgeous 925 Sterling Silver 'Love at first sight' Necklace, which is the most beautiful gift for a new lover. 

Number 4 - If you are not doing Valentines Day, perhaps you are doing Galentines Day? What's that?  According to the Urban dictionary Galentines Day is formed by a blend of gal and Valentine's Day, is a day in which women celebrate their female friendships. This 925 Sterling Silver Bar Necklace reads 'Friends are kisses blown to us by angels. A meaningful gift for your Gal. 

At 5 - ''YOU MELT MY HEART'' Say with our beautiful hallmarked Silver melting Love Heart Necklace. Maybe for a lover, friend or relative. 

Number 6 - ''A child holds our hand for a little while and our hearts forever'' Whether its from Daughter to Mum or Mum to Daughter. This gorgeous 925 Sterling Silver Necklace decorated with CZ Diamonds is something that will be kept forever.


Number 7  - Many parents tend to give their Children a gift on Valentines Day to show them that they are their first love. What nicer way to make your little one feel special, then our exclusive 925 Sold Sterling Silver Teddy Bear Necklace decorated with a CZ Diamond. 

Number 8 - 'My love for you is Infinite'. Say it with our Beautiful and Dainty 925 Sterling Silver Heart Infinity Necklace decorated with CZ Diamonds. 

Number 9 - It's time to treat yourself - In the words or RU PAUL  - If you can't love yourself, how the hell are you going to love anyone else? Our 925 Sterling Silver Love Heart Chain Earrings are a wonderful treat, the month of Valentines Day is the perfect time to wear them. These Earrings Flow from the Cartilage to the Earlobe and are the perfect fashion essential this Season. 


At number 10 - Something for Grandma, A beautiful keep sake jewel that Grandma will treasure! Our 925 Sterling Silver Necklace lists all the amazing things about your Grandma and is the perfect way to thank her for everything she has done. 

All of the sparkles above are available at - For more tips or ideas check out our Instagram @Omorose.UK.

Our jewellery is beautifully packaged and sent  directly from us to you. We ship worldwide with express options so wherever you are, rest assured you will get your jewels ASAP. 

The Items listed above are the tip of the ice burg this Valentines Day.

You have arrived at the heart of meaningful treasures. For more items shop now.


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